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Our exclusive all-natural studio line of products blended by our own certified aromatherapist.


Botanical ingredients are of the highest quality and are hand-blended to preserve the health and youth of your skin. Moiré products are calming, correcting, fortifying, energizing and appropriate for all ages; perfect for achieving clean, toned and vibrant skin.


Body Care   Face Care

Sinus Roll


Body Butter


Strawberry Scrub


Citrus Body Lotion


Lip Juice


Nail Dip


Lotion Sticks: Ginger and Almond & Blue Tansy


Soaps: Glycerin Soaps, Organic Milk Soap and Lavender Foaming Soap


Mist Toners: Green Mist, Rose Mist and Orange Mist


Masks: Earth & Sea Mask and Honey Mask

‘Facial Food’ Blends: Normal/Dry and Oily/Blemished


Facial Creams: Jazz Cream (jasmine & ylang ylang), Moisture (sandlewood & lime), Rose, and La Cream (galbanum & lemon)

Power Creams: Silky C (Vit C) and Rejuven A (retinoic acid/Vit A)


Zit/Blemish Roll


Under Eye Stick


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