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The latest studies, research, products and procedures available to MIAS patients.

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ABC News Diane Sawyer reports on telomeres (aired 11/28/10)

TotalFX ABC 20/20 (aired 7/17/2009)

The UltraPulse TotalFX fractional treatment is receiving extensive media coverage lately as the new treatment for burn scar revision. See Video | More Information

Watch 20/20 and see how the UltraPulse TotalFX helped the Berns triplets greatly reduce the appearance of their scars.

Physician Endorsed Hats (celebrities like them too)



Harpers Magazine
Nov 2009
(Download 1.28MB PDF)


Lucky Magazine
Nov 2009
(Download 1.02MB PDF)


Marie Clair Magazine
Oct 2009
(Download 1.53MB PDF)


Health Magazine
Sept. 2005
(Download 279K PDF)


JMSR Hair in InTouch Weekly
April 2007
(Download 631K PDF)


Allure Magazine
March 2005
(Download 160K PDF)


Prevention Magazine
March 2005
(Download 496K PDF)


Instyle Magazine
Jan. 2005
(Download 426K PDF)


Hollywood Reporter Magazine
Jan. 2005
(Download 328K PDF)


Harpers Magazine
(Download 401K PDF)