laser hair removal in Carmel, IN

Say Goodbye to Shaving for Good

About the treatment

A permanent hair reduction solution

For many people, shaving, tweezing, and waxing are a time-consuming (and sometimes painful) part of their regular hair removal routine. What’s worse, these methods can lead to bumps, cuts, and razor burn while only resulting in eventual hair regrowth. With laser hair removal in Carmel, IN, from Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Surgery (MIAS), you can stop hair growth at its source and get smooth skin that lasts a lifetime!

Treatment highlights

What it treats







Hands & feet



Bikini line



Consultation Required


No of treatments

4 to 8

Treatment Time

30 to 60 minutes

Recovery time



InMode - Triton laser



  • Works on all skin types
  • FDA-cleared for safety and effectiveness
  • Little to no downtime
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Long-term savings

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What to expect during laser hair removal in Carmel, IN


Initial consultation

Like all MIAS treatments, your laser hair removal process starts with an initial consultation with your provider. Here, we'll review your medical history, aesthetic concerns, and goals for treatment while evaluating your preferred treatment area. Your provider will use this information to create a customized treatment plan for your unique needs and goals!



When it comes time for treatment, your provider will guide you into one of our clean, comfortable treatment rooms for the procedure. Laser hair removal in Carmel, IN, at MIAS involves using our InMode - Tritan laser, an FDA-cleared device capable of treating men and women of all skin types. During a session, your provider will use pulsed wavelengths from the InMode - Tritan laser handpiece to cool and soothe the skin while delivering effective results to the treatment area.


Quick & easy

Laser hair removal works by destroying the hair follicles in the area to deliver permanent hair reduction. However, this reduction can only occur during the anagen phase of hair growth, aka the active growth phase. Because your hair follicles don't grow at the same time, patients will require multiple treatments to achieve permanent results. Following each session, your provider will give you aftercare instructions to help you maximize your results.

Your laser hair removal results

The number of treatments needed will vary based on the treatment area, but patients can expect permanent hair reduction once they finish their series! Because follicles are destroyed at their source, hair in the treatment area will eventually fall out. Patients may experience some hair regrowth, but it will grow back much thinner and much less noticeable.

About MIAS

The goal at MIAS is always to put our patients first, giving them the care and professional results they deserve.

Our approach is unwavering, combining decades of experience with the latest, proven products and treatments to give patients results they’re proud to show off.

You only get one body, and we know that aesthetic procedures are a personal choice that takes time and trust to act. We aim to earn that trust and work collaboratively to reach your goals. Your excitement and satisfaction is ours too, and we’re always ready to help!



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