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About the treatment

Breast enhancement that works for you

You’re beautiful in the body you were born with, no matter the circumstance. However, breast size is important to many women, and that size largely depends on genetics and other factors. Not only that, events like pregnancy, breastfeeding, and menopause can alter their appearance.

If you’re looking to take steps to enhance or change the shape of your breasts, Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Surgery (MIAS) offers breast augmentation in Carmel, IN, as a long-term solution to get the look you want.

Treatment highlights

What it treats

Breast size

Volume loss

Asymmetrical breasts

Sagging breasts

Breast abnormalities



Consultation Required


No of treatments


Treatment Time

1 to 4 hours

Recovery time

3 to 4 weeks



  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Versatility with the procedure
  • Performed by highly experienced surgeons
  • Use of the latest, most advanced technology during surgery

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What to expect during breast augmentation in Carmel, IN


Initial consultation

Before recommending a breast augmentation, you'll meet with an experienced provider to review your medical history, aesthetic concerns, and your goals for surgery. We care about helping our patients get the best possible outcome from treatment, so we'll use these factors and a physical evaluation to determine a treatment plan that suits your needs!



Since breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, it's important to know that not everyone is a great candidate for surgery. If you have a disqualifying factor, we'll help you find an alternative to reach your aesthetic goals! We'll also go over all the education and information you need to prepare for surgery, including the incision location and the type of implant used.


Quick & easy

You'll be placed under anesthesia throughout the procedure, typically lasting 1 to 2 hours. Once we're done, we'll send you home with all the necessary post-operative information that same day! You should expect about a week to recover following surgery, with no physical exercise for 3 to 4 weeks. We'll also place you in a proper post-op garment that you'll wear throughout the recovery process

Your breast augmentation results

Once you finish your recovery period, you’ll be amazed by the incredible results offered by our providers. Your breasts will be the exact size and shape you desire, and results will last for years.

About MIAS

The goal at MIAS is always to put our patients first, giving them the care and professional results they deserve.

Our approach is unwavering, combining decades of experience with the latest, proven products and treatments to give patients results they’re proud to show off.

You only get one body, and we know that aesthetic procedures are a personal choice that takes time and trust to act. We aim to earn that trust and work collaboratively to reach your goals. Your excitement and satisfaction is ours too, and we’re always ready to help!



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